Wallpaper Worship: Why Church Music Sounds Better, Fewer Are Singing, And What to Do about It (Danny Byram)


Book review by Michael Balonek: Author, Christian recording artist, and worship leader Danny Byram looks at the trend in modern Western churches to relegate music to background filler, something to enhance the beauty of the room, but not the focal point of the gathering of God's people. He provides a Theology of Worship, looking both at the Bible and at Church history, and makes a call for pastors, elders, worship leaders, and others within the church to reevaluate our current practices and return worship to its due place in the Christian experience.

Author Biography

Michael Balonek, Recently Completed PhD at GBPSSI, India

Sangeet Prabhakar: Tabla, Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahabad, India)

MA Ethnomusicology, Bethel University (MN, USA)

BM Music Education, SUNY Potsdam (NY, USA)