Theologizing in Context: An Example from the Study of a Ghomala' Christian Hymn

  • Michel Kenmogne SIL International
Keywords: singing, hymns, church, Christian, text, song, congregation, contextual, theology


An example of contextual theology from the Ghomala' of Cameroon. Dr. Kenmogne considers how the text of a song reflects the socio-historical contexts of the area and points to attributes of God.

Author Biography

Michel Kenmogne, SIL International

Michel Kenmogne became SIL International's Executive Director in 2016. Before this appointment, Dr. Kenmogne served as the Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance for Francophone Africa, the Director of the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, a lecturer at the University of Yaoundé I, the University of Dschang, the University of Buea, and South African Theological Seminary in Johannesburg. Dr. Kenmogne holds a master’s degree/DEA, a DIPES II, and a Ph.D. in African Linguistics from the University of Buea. He defended the first Ph.D. from the University of Buea.