Worship from the Nations: A Response to Scott Aniol

  • Glenn Stallsmith The United Methodist Church Duke Divinity School
Keywords: Discipline, Professionalism, Interdisciplinary studies, History


Glenn Stallsmith responds to Scott Aniol's report on the ethnodoxology movement, which was originally published in Artistic Theologian (Vol. 3, 2015). Stallsmith fills in some of the history of ethnodoxology, connecting the development of ethnodoxology to the Society for Ethnomusicology and the Contemporary Christian Music movement. He then suggests different interpretations of the biblical passages Aniol cited in his original article. Taken together, these two articles by Aniol and Stallsmith provide an excellent overview of the development of ethnodoxology, as well as challenges for the future.

Author Biography

Glenn Stallsmith, The United Methodist Church Duke Divinity School
Reviews Editor for the journal. MDiv student at Duke Divinity School. Serving as Pastor of Salem UMC and Harris Chapel UMC.